Thursday, May 8, 2014

Safe Internet With Limited User Account

If you're using Windows right now, chances are you're logged in with the administrator account. we need these privileges to install programs and perform tasks. but viruses and spyware can also use them to cause all sorts of havoc. the limited account is the most reliable account type because it does not allow users to download or install programs. but you'd probably get very frustrated every time you wanted to add a new program or change much of anything. good thing we can still be safe under admin account with A must 1-Defender and Drop My Rights.

A must 1-Defender installs new icons on your desktop for starting internet programs - namely web browser and e-mail using Least Privileged User Account, or LUA. a virus is severely limited in what it can do on your PC under LUA.

Drop My Rights came from a Microsoft Secure Engineering group member. same function like A must with the advantage that you can use it with any program by inserting "program install path\Drop My Rights. exe" to any shortcut command.